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OraSureĀ® HIV-1 Oral Specimen Collection Device enables the collection of an oral fluid sample for use with a lab-based EIA screening test that delivers accurate results for antibodies to HIV-1.

  • Easy-to-Administer

    Provides a fast and easy method for sample collection, enabling non-medical professionals, such as insurance agents and human resources professionals, to collect samples for laboratory processing.

  • Fast and Simple Collection

    The patient places the OraSure device between the lower cheek and gum for 2-5 minutes. The pad draws oral fluid, which is rich in antibodies and contains far fewer contaminants than typically found in saliva. The pad is transported to a lab in a vial that contains a preservative which stabilizes the sample for up to 21 days at 39° F to 98° F.

  • Patient-Preferred

    Offers patients accurate HIV testing without the need for blood or needles providing more comfortable testing.

Collection Procedure - Simple Oral Fluid Collection

Please see package insert for complete instructions

Step 1 -
Collect Sample
Place the pad between the cheek and gum for 2-5 minutes.
Step 2 -
Insert device into buffer
Snap off the wand. Replace the cap and send to the lab.
Step 3 -
Lab Testing
The lab processes the sample and runs a screening EIA test.

HIV positive samples are tested with the OraSureĀ® HIV-1 Western Blot Kit to confirm the screening test.