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The OraSure Family of Companies

Understanding human (and animal) health is more than reading a test result. It's diagnosing disease. It's linking patients to precise care. It's unlocking the stories that our DNA can tell. It's an inside-out and outside-in view of the trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that make up the microbiome.

The OraSure family of companies delivers the innovative solutions and services backed by science that our customers need to solve the world’s greatest health and wellness challenges. We seek out and tackle our customers’ most complex problems head-on and give them access to actionable and insightful information. Whether that’s developing new sampling and data analysis methods, or creating new ways to diagnose and link patients to critical treatments and support — we are committed to finding new routes of discovery.

Our legacy lies in developing and delivering game-changing, innovative sampling tools, services and diagnostics designed to help our customers and partners get the best answers to their most critical questions, more easily and with more illuminating insights.

Diagnostics & Testing

We are committed to solving the world’s most complex testing challenges. Our legacy of innovation includes first-to-market rapid diagnostics for HIV, Hepatitis C and Ebola, as well as oral fluid laboratory tests for detecting various drugs of abuse. View Diagnostics & Testing Products »

Sampling Tools

We develop easy-to-use and reliable biological sample collection and stabilization devices. Our products maximize sample quality to ensure the highest integrity, from initial collection through downstream analysis. View Sampling Tools »

Services & Analysis

We accelerate the microbiome industry toward breakthrough discoveries through our innovative and accurate lab services, augmented by state-of-the-art data analytics and reporting. View Services & Analysis »


Since its inception 20 years ago, OraSure Technologies has been a leading innovator in diagnostic technologies. The Company leverages proprietary oral fluid technology and cutting-edge scientific expertise to advance the fields of infectious disease testing, drugs of abuse detection and others.

We are leveraging our expertise to bring our proven experience and tools to the fight against COVID-19. We are currently working on:

  • A rapid in-home SARS-CoV-2 antigen self-test.
  • An Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for the detection of human anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in oral fluid specimens.
  • Non-invasive self collection and stabilization kits to detect SARS CoV-2 RNA in conjunction with laboratory based PCR tests.

The spirit of innovation doesn't stop there. Scientists at our subsidiaries are recognized in established and emerging fields of research including infectious disease, multiomics, human microbiome and human genomics. Under the direction of Jody Berry, Ph.D., VP of Research & Development, and Rafal Iwasiow, Ph.D., VP of Innovation and Technology, they are developing technologies that can improve lives, change the world, and shape the future of health and wellness. Here’s a snapshot of the research we’re doing around the globe.  View Publications »